Who is psychodrama training for?
We welcome students and professionals with various educational and professional backgrounds ranging from beginner to advanced skill levels. Some advanced participants may be seeking certification while intermediate or beginner participants may seek training for professional development or skill building purposes.
Psychodrama training uses an adult learning model, so education and learning flows from all available resources, allowing advanced and intermediate skill level participants (i.e. current masters level students or recent graduates) the benefit of furthering their clinical acumen via the questions and enthusiasm of beginning level participants.

What will I learn in Psychodrama Training?
The training experiences we offer will teach you:

  • Psychodramatic theory & philosophy.
  • The therapeutic process of warm-up, action, and sharing.
  • Doubling, mirroring and role reversal techniques.
  • How to implement a social atom exercise.
  • Action techniques for assessment, intervention, and evaluation purposes.
  • How psychodrama and sociodrama can be integrated with other related fields and modalities.
  • Directing skills.
  • Psychodrama terminology, including surplus reality, tele, sociometry, auxiliary, etc.
  • Ethical practice guidelines of psychodrama.
  • How to work with multi-cultural identities within the group psychotherapy process.
  • Fundamental aspects of a psychodramatic session.
  • How various ethical codes of psychotherapy and of coaching and training are understood in relation to psychodrama ethical standards (IAGP; FEPTO; DFP).
  • Ethical considerations of psychodrama practice along the training continuum including required levels of education, training, supervision and competencies.
  • Psychodrama philosophy related to issues of social justice and human rights issues.
  • How to utilize sociodrama and sociometric techniques for working in community settings with marginalized populations.
  • How to address issues of culture, race, socioeconomic, gender and religious differences as part of the group psychotherapy process.

Moreover Psychodrama is a group-methodology. The training will help you to understand groups and your own role and status within groups better. Thus you will develop your leadership skills.

How much will it cost to attend?
Vedadrama India Pvt. Ltd. Psychodrama training costs Rs 4,000 per Day; If paid in annual installments in advance there will be a 25 % discount. This includes training fees, tea/coffee and taxes. The total costs for CPP (see certification scheme) is 42 times Rs 3,000  = Rs. 1,26,000 for the whole training. The certification exam is Rs 7,000  extra. Midday food is offered only at New Delhi (Rs 1,000 extra per Day). At Coimbatore the training is administered through our partner organisation Asha Child.

I want to sign up for psychodrama training. And: What if I don’t like it?
First have a two days workshop and decide afterwards. In addition an obligatory introductory talk is needed to attend an annual training group. In this talk, you can come to know the trainer and ask any questions.
The participants should have a sound mental health. If there had been some severe mental issues in the past, please ask your trainer prior to participation if psychodrama is apt for you.
It is good to have prior coaching and/or therapy experience and psychodrama will be helpful for all, who want to go for a path of emotional, mental and spiritual self-inquiry
In some cases individual agreements can be done, hat you attend the first workshop and decide to continue only later. If you do not want to continue after 16 to 20 days of training (first year) there is no need to register for the second year. You will get a certificate of participation on each and every workshop attended. These are internationally recognized and you can continue your studies at other places around the world.

Do you offer refunds?
If cancelled 60 days before the workshop takes place, full refund will be given. If booked in advance and with discount, we do not offer standard refund after that date.

What is Psychodrama Training like?
The intention of our training groups is to create a safe, supportive, and positive learning environment. Psychodrama Training is akin to a college course. In the same way you attend a particular class over a semester, you attend training sessions over a period of time. Each session designed to build upon the other allowing for a depth of knowledge that other formats cannot offer. Training is moral and experiential creating a uniquely educational, supportive and inspiring professional refuge.

If I join an ongoing training group will I be refunded or prorated for days I am absent?
If a psychodrama student is sick himself/herself she/he can attend in any other of the groups within India to make up the missed days for free. If there is any other reason (which was not agreed upon before) like workload, sickness of family members, festive reasons, the days can be picked up as to reach the certification goal, but it will be against payment.

What if I require special arrangements?
There are multiple ways as to agree on special arrangements and early/late start and/or extended holidays especially if they are pre-booked and would interfere the program.

Where is Psychodrama training’s offered? Do you offer accommodations?
We do not offer accommodation, but at the place at Bengaluru Wilson Garden Bose Compound (near NMHANS Convention Centre), there are simple cottages available for rent (some Rs. 1,000/Night).
No accommodation is offered at all other places. At New Delhi the training takes place at Aerocity with a multitude of good to excellent hotels around. At Coimbatore we meet at/near Asha Child at Krishna Colony. At Mumbai at Andheri (W) and future groups at Chennai at Guindy.

What if I am not happy? Who do I contact about grievences?
Vedadrama India Pvt. Ltd. and its partner Navgati are members of IAGP and Vedadrama India Pvt. Ltd is license holder  Of the foremost German Psychodrama Institute called Moreno Institute Edenkoben / Ueberlingen MIEÜ. The MIEÜ is institutional member of DFP, FEPTO and IAGP. Until now Vedadrama India Pvt. Ltd. uses within the license agreement not only the international certification permission but the grievance / complaints ombudsman of MIEÜ. From April 2017 onward for future problems any student, who is unhappy with the training, the trainers or way of training can hand in a written complaint after he/she tried to sort it out directly and did not feel satisfied.

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